Curiosity and method.

The short of it: I have been driven by a deep love of knowledge and an abiding human curiosity all my life. From my study of literature and art, to my career as a strategist, I have always sought out a place where free and wide-ranging curiosity can be matched with a desire to listen to and understand someone else's point-of-view. I study and help create cultural artifacts, a term that – if you ask me – includes everything from canonical art and literature to businesses and brands that resonate deeply with the public.

The long of it goes like this: I am a strategist that has worked at agencies and as a freelancer, delving into consumer insights, cultural trends, and business needs to build resonant brands and products. I rely upon both intuition and research in order to be nimble, test theories, and work iteratively. I look for foundational and fundamental insights, backed by expertise but free from jargon. I believe in the outsized power of a well-crafted story.

I’ve been lucky to work at agencies such as COLLINS, West Studios, and Siegel+Gale, with clients in fields as varied as financial services, food, and fashion, from Fortune 50 giants to fledgling startups. I graduated from Yale University with honors, where I studied art, literature and German (don't ask). I have also completed CORe, a 150-hour certificate program in the fundamentals of business from Harvard Business School, with honors. My background means that I love viewing knotty business challenges through the lens of art, culture, and consumer understanding.

In my free time, I am a voracious reader, work-in-progress ceramicist, and avid knitter and cross-stitcher, revealing I may have the soul of a retiree.

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*As a college student, I interned at an incredible arts and culture publication called Cabinet, a short stint that would come to exert unexpected influence over my career. Cabinet publishes razor-sharp writing about eccentric topics, tackling themes from Punishment and Catastrophe to Trees and Friendship, all with an academic spirit and rigorous analysis. During my summer there, they celebrated 10 years of publication with an anthology of work entitled Curiosity and Method. I think often of this tome, mostly because its elegant title encapsulates how I try to approach my work: with equal doses of curiosity and method.